Ethics Policy


This Ethics Policy is applicable to all employees, workers, and contributors (collectively, the “Contributors”) to Gadget Flow Blog’s publications, whether contracted or freelance or otherwise commissioned.


We, Gadget Flow Blog, are committed to achieving the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct in our operations and activities. The fundamental purpose of this Ethics Policy is to protect our impartiality and neutrality.

In addition to this Ethics Policy our Contributors must adhere to the general law and any other applicable external regulations, including as related to official social media channels.


Any Contributor who has a question about or becomes aware of his or her own possible violation of this Ethics Policy or by any other Contributor, or becomes aware that he, she or another Contributor is involved in a transaction or relationship that could reasonably give rise to an actual or apparent conflict of interest, should promptly discuss the situation with his or her supervisor. 

We do not tolerate acts of retaliation against any Contributor who makes a good faith report of known or suspected acts of misconduct or other violations of this Ethics Policy.


Contributors are prohibited from seeking or accepting gifts, favors, entertainment, payment or loans for themselves or their family members from any client, customer, vendor, supplier, contractor or other party doing business with Gadget Flow. It is unacceptable for a Contributor to accept cash or anything else of value in exchange for promotion, links or similar contributions in a story.

Contributors who regularly cover business and financial news (including, but not limited to crypto-currencies) may not be involved in the market.

Contributors must return all products received for testing, otherwise products should be donated. Contributors cannot accept any gifts, freebies, gift certificates or similar items after publishing a story. 

Contributors are not allowed to accept compensation in exchange for endorsing any companies or products on social media or anywhere, regardless of whether the account is the company account or a personal account. Contributors cannot accept discounts on products in return for any type of endorsement.


We do not pay individuals or agencies for information about third parties that could breach their rights. In line with best industry practices there can be no payments or promises of payment to witnesses in criminal trials; there can be no payments to those who might reasonably be expected to be witnesses in future trials unless there is a public interest; and there can be no payments to convicted criminals or their associates for any material relating to their crime, unless there are exceptional circumstances (in which case a Contributor must discuss the case with his or her supervisor).


Contributors must be transparent about any outside political, philosophical, religious or financial interests that might conflict with their journalistic independence or integrity. Contributors must declare an interest before publication to us when they are involved with something with which they have a significant connection. 


We do not set out to offend the general reader or viewer and Contributors must always consider how people will respond to our material.


It is our primary endeavor to publish information that is accurate and will not mislead readers. Contributors must take care not to distort information either by disingenuous phrasing or by omission. Contributors must notify us if they think that material that has been published is wrong. It may be necessary to take corrective action, but Contributors should not generally proceed without discussion.


We strive to ensure that all substantial material and quotes are attributed correctly, whatever the source of such material, including another media outlet, agency, writer or journalist. Sources should always be identified by Contributors unless their security or a prior agreement of confidentiality dictates otherwise, and images should be appropriately captioned. 


We do not discriminate against people on the basis of, for instance, their sexual orientation, religion or race (or by virtue of an illness or disability). Contributors must avoid pejorative references to those aspects of their lives and must not refer to them at all unless relevant to story.


We strive to avoid intrusions into people’s privacy, including reporting details about their personal lives unless there is a clear public interest in doing so.