The best window cleaning robots for a sparkling home

Make a difficult chore easy with any of these robot window cleaners. They clean your windows while you sit back and relax. Check them out in the blog!

The best window cleaning robots for a sparkling home
Window Cleaning Robot Design in Black

Spring has arrived, and with sunnier weather, you may have realized just how dirty your windows are. But window washing is serious work, what with setting up a ladder and squeegeeing hard-to-reach areas. And hiring a company for the job gets expensive. That’s where the best window-cleaning robots come in.

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Our grandparents’ generation dreamed of having robots that could do everyday chores, and here we are. With these window-cleaning robots, all you have to do is press a button, and the gadget does the rest. Some of these robots are wireless, map their cleaning route, and can even clean your floors and walls. For the cleanest home or business, you’ll want to check them out. Or perhaps one of these smart home gadgets will strike your fancy.

Regardless, we’re sure you’ll love having sparkling windows anytime you want. Read on and never worry about dirty windows again.



The ECOVACS WINBOT W2 OMNI made waves at CES 2024 with significant upgrades from its predecessor. Featuring 2 parts, a cleaning station and a cleaning unit, the machine can clean everything from tilted windows to floor-to-ceiling windows. Also, it works indoors or outdoors.

Reviewers report that the WINBOT W2 OMNI boasts an easy setup, and its lightweight station conveniently stores all parts. During operation, the device essentially mops your windows, leaving no dust or streaks behind.

2. The Hobot 298 Window Cleaning Robot

Hobot 298 in a video

The Hobot 298 Window Cleaning Robot ensures windows in your home and business are sparkling—with minimal effort from you. It washes with cleaner or just plain water to remove any impurities on windows.

I love that this robot window cleaner is fast—it can clean a square meter in only two and a half minutes. You’ll love that it keeps track of where it’s cleaned and stops as soon as it’s finished.

3. The Gladwell Gecko Electric Robot Cleaner

Gecko Robot Window Cleaner
Gladwell Gecko with a woman and child

You’ll never have to set aside an entire Saturday to clean your windows again when you have the Gladwell Gecko Electric Robot Cleaner. This smart home gadget has LED indicators and notification buzzers that will let you know about the robot’s progress.

I appreciate that its app and manual power mean you won’t have to hunt for a remote. Best of all, its pads are washable and won’t scratch your windows. It’s a win-win for your home.

4. CHOVERY Window Cleaner Robot

CHOVERY Window Cleaner Robot and components

Looking for a versatile robot window cleaner? Consider the COVERY Window Cleaner Robot. It’s suitable for cleaning windows, glass doors, marble floors, and tiles. The strong 5600 ensures it doesn’t slip off your window.

Furthermore, the AI 2.0 edge detection technology automatically detects the end of the glass, preventing falls. The AI can also calculate routes and clean automatically.

5. The Sophinique X5 Window Cleaning Robot

Sophonique X5 with its components

Save yourself hours of tedious labor with the Sophinique X5 Window Cleaning Robot. It cleans dirt from both inside and outside windows and can tackle large windows in an apartment.

It has app control for either iOS or Android; otherwise, you can operate it via remote control. For safety, there’s an anti-fall algorithms and automatic edge detection. It effectively cleans windows.

6. The Mamibot W120 Window Cleaning Robot

Mamibot W120 Window Cleaning Robot
Mamibot W120 on a White Background

Another of the best window cleaning robots I recommend for deep cleaning is the Mamibot W120 Window Cleaning Robot. Practical and versatile, this gadget can clean framed and frameless glass, including glass tables.

It can also wash floors and wall surfaces. So, it’s definitely an appliance that can serve multiple purposes. Additionally, Mamibot boasts intelligent cleaning routes, an anti-fall sensor, and an app compatible with both iPhone and Android.

So, are you ready to have nice, clean windows with almost no effort on your—or anyone else’s—part? I know I am. But what about you? Let us know if any of these window cleaning robots will make its way to your cleaning closet.


How do robot window cleaners work?

Robot window cleaners typically utilize suction technology and cleaning pads to adhere to and clean the surface of windows. They often use a combination of sensors, algorithms, and navigation systems to provide thorough and efficient cleaning.

Are robot window cleaners safe to use on all types of windows?

While most robot window cleaners are designed to work on various types of windows, it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines. Some models may not be suitable for use on textured or frosted glass, extremely dirty windows, or windows with certain coatings.

How long does it take for a robot window cleaner to clean a window?

The cleaning time can vary depending on factors such as the size and condition of the window, the robot cleaner’s model, and the cleaning mode selected. Generally, a robot window cleaner can clean a standard-sized window in approximately 5 to 15 minutes.

Do robot window cleaners require any maintenance?

Yes, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure optimal performance. This typically includes cleaning the robot’s suction mechanism and cleaning pads, checking for any debris or obstructions, and ensuring that the device’s sensors are clean and unobstructed. Additionally, some models may require battery replacement or recharging as needed.

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